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It's the little things . . .

We all have seen our share of bright and academically talented students. They are articulate, mature, well balanced, and focused. They have a multitude of assets and their youthful idealism will no doubt serve them well. That said - why does it seem that the little things always seem to escape them?

Perhaps I should explain. I have encountered and witness countless students walk into the office of faculty and administrators with neither pause, greeting, nor apology and rattle off a number of requests, demands, and/or needs. Now before any of you chalk this up to enthusiasm, nervous energy, or the like, allow me to add. . .the faculty or administrator were already engaged in a conversation. Now you understand my angst.

We hope that all of our students understand, practice, and respect manners, common courtesies, and civility before they get to us. However, if not, it is the responsibility of all educators to make sure that we are producing not only an intelligent, critical thinking, alumni, but also one that understands and practices civility and respect with everyone. Over time, we discover that people are not always impressed with credentials, pedigree, and status. However, they are most often impressed with manners, a sincere greeting, and an honest smile. Teach our students and children that it's often the little things that matter."

Hold fast to Dreams,


Posted by Lamont Toliver on January 14, 2011 9:39 AM |

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