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Livewire 2: On Fire - October 27 - 29, 2011

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Thursday - Saturday, October 27 - 29

Livewire 2: On Fire

Imagine. Ignite passion. Get angry. Enter the mind of the composer. Join us in our second annual Livewire Festival, bringing together diverse composers and performers from the Baltimore-Washington area in programs designed to provoke discussion and engagement. In the words of one of our dedicated audience members, "Why should I listen to Mozart again when I can hear Tom Goldstein play flower pots?"

Presented by the UMBC Department of Music with support from InterArts.

Contact Linda Dusman for more information.
Contact Tom Moore for Press information.

(443) 577-2100
to receive the $119 conference rate.


Thursday, October 27

4 pm - Keynote lecture (Humanities Forum) - Carlo Alessandro Landini: "Some observations on the relationship between musical composition and the disturbances of temporal and spacial orientation". (see separate Humanities Forum calendar listing)

7 pm - Pre-concert composer conversation with Steve Antosca and Wesley Fuller (Recital Hall)

8 pm - Concert by RUCKUS, the faculty contemporary ensemble at UMBC, featuring Lisa Cella, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Airi Yoshioka, violin; Maria Lambros, viola; Gita Ladd, cello; Kristin Jurkscheit, horn; Audrey Andrist, piano; Tom Goldstein, percussion. (Recital Hall) The program will feature:

Steve Antosca: for two (1982…)

Wesley Fuller: phases/cycles for viola and computer (2009)

Carlo Alessandro Landini: Konzertstuck (1980)

Nicolas Tzortzis: incompatible(s) III-b (2009)

Ross Bauer: The Near Beyond (2005)

Tom Goldstein: Quo (2005)

John Harbison: Twilight Music (1985)

Karim Al-Zand: Music Box Prelude (2004)

Friday, October 28

Talks and lecture recitals: "New Music, Large and Small" (Recital Hall)

9 am - Electronics Express I: 30 minutes of 30 60" electroacoustic pieces, curated by Anna Rubin

9:45 am - Helena Michaelson (piano/composer) "Revisiting the Old and Looking to the New: Ricercata (2006) for solo piano"

10:45 am - Yen-lin Goh: "Ge Gan-ru's Two Melodramas for Voice, self-accompanied by a Toy Orchestra: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! and Hard, Hard, Hard!"

12 pm - Electronics Express II: 30 minutes of 30 60" electroacoustic pieces, curated by Anna Rubin

2:30 pm - Round table discussion with composers, presenters, performers (Helena Michaelson, Anna Rubin, George Brunner, with David Revell, moderator)

4 - 6 pm - Student "rush hour" concert featuring the UMBC Camerata and other student ensembles (Rob Wolk and Sam Garrett, directors)

8 pm - Concert by the Tanosaki/Richards Duo (Recital Hall)

The program will feature:

Michael Finnissy: premiere of a new work

Hiroyuki Itoh: Out of a Blaze of Light

Hiroyuki Yamamoto: The Wedge is Struck, the Fog Remains

Drake Mabry: Street Cries

Saturday, October 29

Talks and lecture recitals: "Where are we going; what have we done?" (Recital Hall)

10 am - Jonathan Kolm: "EARTH AFTER: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Music Composition"

10:45 am - George Brunner: "Lady M: Revitalizing Electroacoustic Performance Practices"

11:30 am - Mauricio Salguero: "electro<>acústico: new music for clarinet, fixed media, and video"

12:30 - 2 pm - Lunch discussion

2 pm - Outreach for high school students: readings of student compositions by members of the Verge Ensemble (Studio 508)

4:00 pm - Concert - Pictures on Silence (Recital Hall)

Noah Getz, saxophone; and Jacqueline Pollauf, harp

Program to include:

John Belkot (b. 1981): the woman with Renoir’s umbrella (accompanied by In Dreams, a silent film by Laurence Gingold)

Eric Slegowski (b. 1977): 1:1 (premiere)

David Smooke: (b. 1969): Empty Every Night

Mark Oliveiro (b. 1983): Tanox

Stephen Gorbos (b. 1978): Plunge

Anna Rubin (b. 1946): Silk and Steel

7:30 pm - Pre-concert conversations with composers (Alexandra Gardner, Thomas DeLio)

8:30 pm - Concert by the Verge Ensemble (Recital Hall)

The program will feature:

Anna Rubin: Dreaming Fire, Tasting Rain

Stephen Gorbos: On The Whiteness of the Whale (2009)

Thomas DeLio: transients/resonances (2006)

Ben Broening: gathering light (2011)

Elliott Carter: Caténaires (2006)

Alexandra Gardner: The Way of Ideas (2007)

Frederick Weck: video ix (2011)

Steve Antosca: EXIT (2011)

Ticket Prices: $25.00 for festival pass which inlcudes lunch on Saturday.