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May 29, 2012

Email Delivery Delays

Over the holiday weekend UMBC received a large number of incoming spam emails (roughly 2 million). Because of this, some users are experiencing a delay in outbound email delivery. Email administrators have been working throughout the day to eliminate the spam messages as well as reducing the risk of future bulk spam messages. We anticipate that email performance will be back to normal by tomorrow.

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May 25, 2012

Blackboard Down for Maintenance 10 pm Fri. 5/25 - 1 am Sat. 5/26

The UMBC Blackboard server will be down during the regularly scheduled maintenance window from 10 pm Friday, May 25 to 1 am Saturday, May 26.
We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences that this down time may cause.

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May 23, 2012

Dell Virtual Desktop Environment (VDE) Pilot Program Launched

The Dell Virtual Desktop Environment (VDE) pilot program has been launched by DoIT.

Two videos have been created showing how to connect to the environment for the first time. Please keep in mind that this is still a pilot so there will be some hiccups but that is where we need your help. It seems to work best using Safari (Mac) and IE or Firefox (PC) although recently Chrome has been working, too.

To access the system you simply visit virtual.umbc.edu using one of the recommended web browsers.

Need Help?
During the pilot phase of this solution you can send an email to vde@umbc.edu This will create a ticket and assign it directly to our internal VDE queue in RT.

"How To" Videos:

PC - http://youtu.be/1j7-CFyW3cY?hd=1

Mac - http://youtu.be/EKWpDUj7rb8?hd=1

iPad -

iPad: Needs to be running IOS version 5.1 or later
Citrix Receiver: Need to be using 5.5.3 or later

You can download the Citrix receiver from the App Store. Use the keyword search "Citrix Receiver" to make finding it easier.

Once the Citrix receiver app is installed you login to the VDE environment just like you normally would using the Safari browser. When you connect to your machine it will ask if you want to connect using the "Citrix Receiver". Choose Citrix and it should work from there.

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