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July 8, 2009

Create Your Account Security Questions

DoIT has created a new process that will allow account holders to reset their own passwords. There are three security questions that need to be completed and a few other pieces of information such as an alternate (non-umbc) e-mail address. You can also include your cell phone number. This number will allow the University to send you an SMS (text) message when your password has been reset using the self-service password reset process. This is an added security feature to ensure that you actually authorized your password to be reset.

Create your security questions by visiting
Go to:
- User Tab
- Account Settings
- Manage My Security Questions and Settings

In addition to the basic information the "Level of Trust" asserted to you will be listed as Bronze (Level 1), Silver(Level 2) or Gold (Level 3). The level of trust, also known as the level of assurance, is a relatively new indicator that is being used by the Federal Government to ensure that people accessing their systems have undergone a certain degree of identity proofing. Essentially the higher your level of trust the more the system must interrogate who you are. A simple example is that Bronze (Level 1) users can user the online automated password reset while the Silver (Level 2) and Gold (Level 3) users must interact with a human to have their password reset.

The majority of UMBC's account holders are Bronze (Level 1) while anyone having a Peoplesoft Finance account are considered Silver (Level 2). For more about levels of assurance please visit the NIST website.


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