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December 4, 2009

DoIT Offers Informal 60 minute Technology "Drop-In" Sessions

With the start of the semester right around the corner, DoIT wants to help faculty prepare for this busy time by conducting drop in sessions for Blackboard and Wimba. AV Services will continue to offer sessions upon request.

SP2010 DoIT Drop In Schedule
1/19 *IMC (10 am)
1/20 ECS025 (10 am)IMC (11 am)
1/21ECS 025 (1 pm) IMC (12 pm)
1/22 ECS 025 (11 am)IMC (1 pm)
1/25 ECS025 (2 pm)IMC (1 pm)
1/26IMC (11 am)
1/27ECS025 (12 pm)IMC (12 pm)
1/28ECS025 (10 am)IMC (2:30 pm)
1/29ECS025 (12 pm)IMC (12 pm)
*IMC - International Media Center, Academic IV B Wing, Room 219


DoIT will be hosting drop in sessions for Blackboard so that faculty can have their questions answered and work with someone to resolve any issues.

WIMBA DROP-INS | Support Site

Wimba Classroom is a real-time, virtual classroom environment designed for distance education, hybrid classes and collaboration and supports audio, video, application sharing, and archiving. Faculty can conduct class, hold office hours or set up group work spaces. Voice Tools include:

• Voice Board - a recorder tool
• Voice Direct - an aural chat
• Voice Presentation - describe slides
• Podcaster


As always, AV Services will schedule individual tutorials on an as needed/by
appointment basis. Please call X52461 to make arrangements.


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