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December 4, 2009

Karin Readel Named Director of Instructional Technology

I am pleased to announce that Karin Readel, Senior Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Systems (GES), has accepted the position of Director of Instructional Technology in the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). She will assume her duties on a part-time basis on January 5, but will transition to full-time after she completes teaching SCI100 "Water: An Interdisciplinary Study" during the Spring 2010 semester.

Karin Readel
Throughout her ten years as a faculty member at UMBC, Readel has sought out effective technologies to improve both her students' learning and her own instruction:

• She is highly experienced in the uses of Blackboard, having adopted it for SCI100 in 2001. She also frequently pilots new versions of the Bb software a semester or two before general campus release, and her courses are frequently among UMBC's Most Active Blackboard courses.

• In 2004, she and Biology Professor Phil Sokolove were among the first faculty to advocate for the use of audience response systems (aka "clickers") in large lecture classes. She is currently piloting the latest version of Turning Point’s clickers.

• In 2005, she was among the first cohort of faculty to be awarded a hybrid course development grant to support the conversion of SCI100 to hybrid format during summer and winter sessions. To date, she has taught 12 sections of SCI100 through the Alternate Delivery Program (ADP). In January of 2010, she will be presenting a poster illustrating the success of this conversion (as evidenced by student outcomes) at the EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference (MARC) in Baltimore. She previously presented at MARC in 2005, and has also presented twice at the Blackboard annual users conference.

Beyond looking at her own teaching, Readel has been a supportive colleague.

• In addition to many informal hallway conversations and office demos with GES colleagues, Readel has been an active peer reviewer and mentor in the Summer & Winter ADP.

• She also has a long history of informal consulting through Q & A sessions after her many Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Brown Bags.

• She has a solid foundation of good faculty relations now, as co-chair of the faculty senate's Academic Conduct Committee, and as a former member of the Computer Policy Committee. She has also served on the President's Commission on Women. Over the years, she has also engaged in campus discussions on topics ranging from the overhaul of general education to revamping academic policies that affect the recent SA implementation.

• She is also respected by DoIT’s instructional technology staff, which has supported her numerous pilots. Similarly, Readel has shown an ability in using her teaching and mentoring skills to managing people and projects.

As Director of Instructional Technology, Readel will be responsible for supporting all of DoIT's online and face-to-face technology support of UMBC instructors. She will work closely with Classroom Technology Manager Steven Anderson, as well as Faculty Development Center Interim Director Barry Casey. She will also help me solidify a Fall 2009 pilot to expand hybrid courses in Fall and Spring, which was supported by Provost Hirshman. Finally, she will assist in implementing and evaluating UMBC's strategic plan for teaching, learning and technology, that was approved by the Faculty Senate Computer Policy Committee and the Provost's IT Steering Committee in the 2007-08 academic year.

I understand some may be concerned about losing Karin’s excellent teaching of SCI100 and other service to UMBC. However, she and I both want her to stay active in the classroom, as much as her new duties allow, and I’m excited by the prospects of more UMBC faculty benefiting from her leadership and support of their instructional technology goals.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our future support of instructional technology, please let Karin or me know.


John Fritz
Asst. Vice President
Instructional Technology & New Media
UMBC Division of Information Technology


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Jonathan Finkelstein:


We'll miss you in CAHSS and wish yo well in DoIt.

Best, Jonathan