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January 27, 2010

Blackboard & Web Browser Known Issues for Start of Spring 2010 Semester

We are running a fixed version of Blackboard (8.0) and the web browsers used by most faculty, staff and students are not fixed; this has resulted in a significant amount of support calls dealing with incompatibility issues within Blackboard.

Examples of these known issues include:

• invalid file type errors when creating or submitting documents/assignments
• inability to post to discussion boards
• in quizzes, the submit button is blocked by the timer

DoIT plans to upgrade to the newest version of Blackboard, version 9.0, for the fall semester of 2010. At that time, we anticipate that most, if not all, of these incapability issues will be resolved. In the meantime, the workaround is to use a supported browser. Please refer to the “Blackboard Supported Web Browsers” list located on the “myBlackboard” tab within Blackboard or at


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From a faculty member who wishes to remain anonymous:

Regarding the browser issue, I posted this announcement in my Bb course: Some members of the class have had some difficulty with BlackBoard when their quiz session "froze", and they were unable to continue.

Please note the "supported" browsers (and related operating systems), and their versions, for use with BB. If you're using something different, you'll likely continue to have problems.

Here's the link.

Specifically, for the Internet Explorer 8 problem, the timer issue can be resolved by, in IE8, click on Tools, click on Compatibility View Settings, and add "" (no ""), to the list. Restart IE8. End of problem.

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