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May 7, 2010

UMBC Discontinuing Mail Forwards to Hotmail May 12th

Beginning Wed, May 12th all mail forwards from a UMBC account to a Hotmail account will be disabled. Customers will need to login to their UMBC account to change their mail forwarding to some other mail provider (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail). Alternately, they can choose not to forward their mail and instead access their UMBC mail from myUMBC or a local mail client.

Over the past two months Hotmail has been sporadically blocking mail originating from UMBC mail servers. One of the contributing factors to UMBC being blocked is the fact that we have allowed account holders to forward their mail to off campus addresses. When a UMBC address is forwarded to an external mail provider (e.g. we do not perform any outbound spam filtering. The lack of outbound spam filtering was done intentionally to ensure users receive all of their mail at the external mail provider.

Unfortunately, Hotmail is extremely aggressive in blocking anyone they view as a spam source. To complicate matters further they refuse to work with UMBC in resolving the issue. The end result is that most of the time legitimate mail sent to hotmail users from UMBC is simply blocked. This has created a number of issues for various offices on campus that need to communicate with existing and prospective students.

How Do I Change My Mail Forward?
To change your mail forwarding options please visit:
Goto “Email
Click on “Create a Mail Forwarding Address
Update your mail forwarding under “Change Mail Delivery Address


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