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August 26, 2010

How New Employees/Instructors Get Access to Bb Courses

As announced earlier this month, all FA2010 Blackboard courses were auto-created on July 15. Since then, DoIT has auto-created new Blackboard course shells every day, whenever a new course with a named instructor of record has been added to the Schedule of Classes. In order for this process to work, department scheduling coordinators, Human Resources, the Registrar's Office and the new employee each need to complete specific steps (described below or illustrated here):


1. Department payroll preparer sends the Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire Form to HR indicating the new employee is an instructor.

2. Within one business day of receipt, HR enters bio/demographic data of the new employee into the HR system using the PeopleSoft Person of Interest (POI) PreHire electronic interface. The POI serves two important functions:

a) Automatically generates a unique Campus ID and sends an email to the new employee's alternate email address, with instructions for how to create AND activate his or her new UMBC account (aka myUMBC username).

b) Automatically creates an RT ticket to the registrar's office requesting that the new employee be added to the department's table of instructors and be granted row level security access in the SA system.

Note: Currently, only HR has access to the POI, but Continuing & Professional Studies (CPS) was recently given access in preparations for summer session, as part of a wider rollout to campus departments, which is still to be determined. For now, all campus departments need to use the Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire form (step 1 above).

3. NEW: When the new employee has been added to the department's instructor table, row level security has been granted and SA security roles have been assigned, the Registrar’s office resolves the RT ticket AND cc's the scheduling coordinator of the new employee's department on the ticket. The resolution will indicate the employee has been added as an instructor, but that the scheduling coordinator still needs to ASSIGN the instructor/new employee to a specific course (or courses) in SA.

4. When the new employee has created his or her account AND the department has assigned him or her to a course, then DoIT's script will auto-create a Blackboard course shell with the new employee as the instructor of record.

5. At this point, the new employee/instructor can log into Blackboard, find his or her course and make it available (by default, all Bb courses are "unavailable" until the instructor of record in the Schedule of Classes makes it available).