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April 29, 2011

End of LO Building Block in Bb (Blogs/ Wikis/ Journals)

As of SU2011 DoIT is discontinuing the use of the Learning Objects (LO) building block in Blackboard, including the 3rd party Campus Pack blogs, wikis and journals. Blackboard includes similar tools as components in the Learn 9.1 release, and they have been available for instructors to use since the major upgrade in May 2010. Having two different tools (one native to Bb and one from a 3rd party vendor) to accomplish the same thing has been a source of frustration to instructors. DoIT staff recommend that instructors who wish to keep a record of any of the Campus Pack blogs, wikis or journals from their courses, export them as html files prior to May 26, 2011. After that date, these items will no longer be accessible in your old Bb courses.

DoIT staff thanks you for your patience during this transition period.