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July 29, 2011

New Account Deactivation Process

In an effort to maintain and streamline our account management, DoIT will be implementing new procedures focusing on account deactivation beginning in August 2011. Accounts are deactivated when the user becomes unaffiliated with UMBC. When an account is deactivated, the user will be unable to log in and access to campus computing resources will be removed. This includes email. Notification of a pending account suspension will be sent to the user’s UMBC email address as well as the user-supplied email address given for account maintenance. This is not a phishing attack. The email will refer back to this article as well as provide the recipient with the UMBC Technology Support Center phone number (410.455.3838) in case the recipient would want to verify the authenticity of the email or ask questions about the email.

The following specifies at what point an account becomes deactivated after the UMBC affiliation (e.g. Faculty, Staff, Emeritus, Alumni, Non Alumni, Other) is lost.

1 Year

2 Weeks

Emeritus Faculty/Staff
Only after 1 Year inactivity

Only after 1 Year inactivity

Former (non-alumni) Students
4 Months

Others (special programs, etc)
2 Weeks