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January 9, 2012

SP2012 Blackboard Drop-in Sessions

DoIT is offering drop in Blackboard Drop-in sessions to assist and help faculty prepare for the spring semester

The following drop in sessions will be held in Engineering 025. A DoIT staff member will be available to work one-on-one with with users who show up during the designated times. Please note that this is not a formal Blackboard training class. Users may show up or leave at any point during these sessions.

Additional dates and times may be added as demand warrants.

SP2012 Blackboard Drop In Schedule
W 1/183-5 pm
Th 1/1911 am-12 pm
M 1/2312-1 pm
M 1/235-7pm
W 1/2511 am-12 pm
F 1/2712-1 pm
M 1/3011 am-1 pm - HELP WITH GRADE CENTER
Tu 1/3112-1 pm
Th 2/212-1 pm
W 2/812-1 pm
F 2/1012-1 pm
M 2/13 12-1 pm
W 2/1512-1 pm