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Firefox and Thunderbird now available in Linux depot

The Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail, USENET, and RSS client are now available in /usr/local/bin of all UMBC Linux systems which use AFS depot space (this means all GL servers and Linux lab workstations.)

These were put in place in advance of the deployment of the new UMBC Linux lab workstation build which is based on RHEL 3 Workstation.

One may run into issues executing these two apps on the current GL servers and Linux workstations due to some GTK library incompatibilities, but since these will all end up with RHEL 3 builds soon, it will not be a issue for long.

Firefox and Thunderbird are to be the default web browser and GUI-based e-mail client on the workstations, but Mozilla will still be available for those who prefer that.

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