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Blackboard 7.1

Our bb 7.1 pilot server is now running the latest
version of blackboard... 7.1.324.14

I updated it 6/13 just after midnight.

Hotfix1 for Application Pack 1 fixes the following critical issues:

An HTTP 404 error appears when a user attempts to open a file that includes accented characters in the file name. This issue appears when a Course Builder adds a content item to a Course and creates a link to a file.
Users report problems with adding an image to a course and displaying it to users. The issue is the result of an authorization problem when accessing the image file.
Accented characters, such as umlauts or acute accents, do not appear properly in assessments if ugpraded or imported from Release 6.x.
The Exact Course Copy feature does not include the Gradebook or Assessments in the copy operation.
Users experience problems viewing multimedia files with multibyte characters in the file name from within the Discussion Board. This issue is resolved when using an Internet Explorer Web browser. Firefox users will still experience difficulty adding files, however, they may view files added through Internet Explorer without problems.

NOTE: Hotfix 1 does not repair reported issues with calculating weighted grades and standard deviations within the Gradebook. Blackboard is urgently working to address these issues in an upcoming patch release.

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