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The Transfer-Commuter: Erica's Blog

Hello all,
This is my first OFFICAL blog. I have had the experience of trying to work through the different problems of trying to work this blogging forum with Mrs. McGlynn and we finally figured out how to work this thing.

Anyways, When I was approached to write about my experiences as being a new student to UMBC, I was sooo excited to have a place to tell others about my story. My story is just beginning and is being written currently as I type this, as there are many new experiences that I have been involved in while getting accustomed to the "UMBC experience".
Let me begin by telling all of you reading this my background story. It all began on a dark stormy night... .... ...wait.....not that story.[laughs] Let me start with July of 2009. I had just transferred out of York College of PA. York is a small town that is located right over the Maryland, Pennsylvania border. It is a VERY quiet, VERY small town, and just did not seem to be the right environment for a girl like me. I was soo used to the city life back home in Baltimore that I only thought it right to come home and be in a place that I felt comfortable. I decided to apply for UMBC and shortly after being accept, I began...[cue dramatic music] "The Transfer Process". This was the most dreadful part of the whole "switching schools" process.
After many visits to York and UMBC, I was finally schedualed and ready to attend UMBC in the fall. After being upset about a few classes I did not prefer, and a few credits that did not transfer, I decided to move on and make a new name for myself here at UMBC.
There are many things that I noticed about the UMBC campus that were different from the campus that I had previously attened. I love the fact that I am surrounded by people who find it necessary to work. There is always a person reading or studying and the atmoshpere is one of learning and focus. I LOVE that! I feel like everyone, at least most, want to better themselves and make a name for themselves in this very difficult and challenging world that we live in.
There were also some hurdles that I faced while entering into UMBC. I find that there is not enough advertisement on campus for the different groups and places of interest for many of us transfer, commuter students. Many of the students that I have talked to agree with me when I say that I want to be involved, but have no way of REALLY finding out about different opportunites available to us on campus. Yes, there is advertisement for different things available on campus online on MyUmbc, and yes there is an invovlement center that will help us to find a palce where we would have interests in, but many do not REGULARILY check their UMBC accounts and do not even know that the involement center exisits. [YIKES!]
Although I faced the hurdles of transferring into a new place, not meeting many people at first, and trying to find my "nitch" in a somewhat large campus, I am beginning to make new friends, meet new people, and enjoy my time spent on campus. I am currently a member of SGA and am an excecutive assisant for governmental affairs. Today, I sat in on my first Black Student Union meeting, which I enjoyed, and have made some really good friends along the way.
I will be writing blogs as often as I can about my journey, which I hope many of you reading can relate to. Now off to some homework, which I have unfortunately procrastinated on.[lol].

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