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Hello All,

So it has been a while due to a schedule that is picking up pace and beginning to get in the "thickness" of the semester. Last week, the school hosted the American Red cross for a blood drive that was being held in Commons and the University Center. I was excited because this was my first time giving blood and was grateful for the opportunity to be able to save a life. I love that this school has wonderful opportunities available for students. A problem that I notice is that many student don't use the opportunities laid out for us. There are so many available events on campus and it is unfortunate that many do not know about these events or just refuse to take Nike's advice and "just do it". I hope that I can help change advertisement in this school over time and help the new students such as myself learn to research and join something to gain the FULL "college experience".
Homecoming is coming up soon and I am hoping that the events will go well. Now that I am a member of SGA, I will be helping out for this event so be on the look out for me. I will be sure to let you know whats going on during the events.
Well I have to go, because the work is piling up as I speak.

PS--- If this is the case for anyone reading, just remember to take papers, studying , and any other assignments little by little. Don't let them stress you out. [smiles]

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