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Hello All,

If anyone has been following my blogs, you will notice that I haven't been posting a frequently as I have wanted. There is word that can can explain the reason for this....*cues scary music*....MIDTERMS. It has been a challenging experience for me to transfer into an honors college. I feel very privileged to be able to come to this school. I transfered from a school that was not at all as challenging as UMBC. I don't know how many other transfers feel this way, but I have noticed a huge change in the quality of work here at UMBC verses the previous institution I attended.
The only thing that I can suggest to help anyone feeling the same way I do is to make sure that your time management is something that you learn and fast! In my opinion, it is very important to stay organized and on top of your work. I know that I can easily type this is my blog and make it seem as easy as say, maybe blinking, but it is not. There are workshops on campus that can help you to do this. If you aren't able to find these resources, asking a professor to help you with this is as easy as ever. All it takes is a conversation and they ARE willing to help you. I am not afraid to ask professors for help just because I realize that they really WANT to help not matter what anyone has said.
I hope that this can bring all reading this some sort of comfort and hope.

Erica Jones

Ps--- Although stressing about a large project or an exam may seem like it is impossible to avoid, just know that you CAN get your work done, get an A on your exam, and succeed in anything you do!

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