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PhD Proposal Defense - Junlin Liang

Junlin successfully defended her thesis proposal on January 28, 2009.

Entangled Photon Holes

The concept of quantum entanglement has been identified as a key practical resource for quantum information processing. Over the past 30 years, experiments on entanglement have mostly involved studying correlations of the physical properties (such as polarization or momentum) of two distant photons. Recently, a new form of entanglement called “entangled photon holes” has been discovered. Roughly speaking, the entanglement is due to the absence of the photon pair rather than some physical property of the pairs. Although a recent experiment has provided some initial evidence of the existence of photon-hole states, the entangled nature of the state has not yet been experimentally observed. Here we propose an experimental test of Bell’s inequalities using photon-hole states. If successful, the results of this experiment would explicitly demonstrate the entangled properties of photon-hole states, which would represent a major advance in quantum optics and quantum information science.