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PhD Proposal Defense - Joel Coley

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Time: 11:00 am
Location: PHYS 401

Probing the Structure and Morphology of X-ray and Gamma Ray Binaries

High Energy Binary Systems, consisting of a stellar remnant and a companion object, are best characterized by the mass of the companion star and the energy band of the emission (X-ray or gamma ray). The mass transfer mechanism present in High Energy Binary Systems is dependent on the companion’s mass (high mass or low mass in relation to the compact object) and the orbital separation between the two objects. Temporal and spectral data indicate that High Energy Binary Systems show various absorption and emission features that require further research to probe into the mass transfer mechanism, observed luminosity outbursts and other physical properties of the system. I plan to develop a case study of these systems using a detailed temporal and spectral analysis of the poorly understood 4U 1210-64 in addition to archived data on other elusive sources. These data have been and will be collected using the Suzaku and Fermi Space Telescopes. The objective of our research is to understand the mass transfer mechanism present in these systems, characterize the physical properties of the X-ray and gamma ray emission and to further understand the relationship between the orbital period and spin period of these objects (Corbet’s diagram).