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Seminar: Wednesday, Sept.11, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Exploring topological orders with photons
Mohammad Hafezi

Topological properties of physical systems can lead to natural protection against perturbations. Traditionally, this robustness is exemplified by quantized conductance in the electronic systems. In this talk, I demonstrate how similar physics can be observed for photons; specifically, how various quantum spin Hall Hamiltonians can be simulated with linear optical elements using a two dimensional array of coupled optical resonators. I report on the experimental progress towards the implementation of such ideas in silicon-on-insulator technology. Such systems allow the presence of photonic edge states which are insensitive to certain fabrication disorder and paves the way to develop robust integrated optical devices.

Furthermore, the addition of optical non-linearity to the system leads to the possibility of implementing fractional quantum Hall states of photons and anyonic states that have not yet been observed. In particular, I discuss a scheme to engineer three-body interaction, which is absent in nature, to implement some of fractional quantum Hall models in the context of circuit-QED.

Location: Physics Bldg., Room 401