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March 2009 Archives

March 3, 2009

On Mathematics and Writing

Here's an article I wrote for "The Writing Life" column for the Washington Post on balancing my mathematics and writing careers. Be sure to check out the accompanying profile.

Posted by Manil Suri on March 3, 2009 3:35 PM |Permalink


While reading in Philadelphia in February last year, I was delighted to find some people from SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) in the audience. One of them, Michelle Sipics, later wrote a profile article for SIAM News, which you can access here. See also the sidebar on "Taming Infinity."

The article complements a 2001 interview by Ivar Stakgold, which appeared at the time my first novel was published.

Posted by Manil Suri on March 3, 2009 3:51 PM |Permalink

March 5, 2009

BBC Program "The Forum" - a mathematics discussion

It took lots of work with Jacqueline Smith, one of the producers of the BBC program, The Forum, but after weeks of talking and e-mailing, we finally nailed down a tentative script of what I would say on the show. It was all quite ambitious - in addition to explaining an idea I've been mulling: how "basis functions" crop up in several artistic fields (watch for a YouTube show on this very soon), I was also going to expound on my mathematical research on the finite element method. Well, the show was quite lively and fun, with two other guests - Ruth Padel (the great grand-daughter of Charles Darwin) and Andrea Sabbadini, chair of the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival. You can listen to all our comments here - they sort of united to form a whole greater than the individual contributions. (I come on after Ruth.)

As part of the show, I also got sixty seconds to describe an idea that would improve the world, which you can read here (together with some complimentary and not-so-complimentary feedback). My idea: teach kids to question everything!

Posted by Manil Suri on March 5, 2009 3:38 PM |Permalink