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August 22, 1997


BALTIMORE - The unique musical tradition of Korean song and dance will be on display as The Voices of Korea ensemble brings a piece of the Orient to UMBC. The ensemble will demonstrate various styles of Korean musical expression at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, November 11 in the Fine Arts Recital Hall; admission is free.

Traditional Korean vocal music can be divided into the three general categories of religious, court and folk. The Voices of Korea will perform both court music, which emphasizes universal realities over personal expression, and folk music, such as pansori and minyo, which celebrates human feelings, seasons and events. In contrast to the sublime nature of court music, folk songs are lively and dramatic, representing the aspirations and frustrations of common people.

One pansori folk song featured in the performance, "Simchungga," is a solo dramatic opera form unique to Korea. A singer accompanied by one drummer performs multiple roles in a delicate interplay between vocalist and musician. This narrative epic is the most famous and highly developed folk form with complex vocal techniques and rhythms.

The vocalists included in the program have been designated by the Korean government to become future National Living Treasures. As well as regular performances in Korea, they have toured throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. The musicians are from the Korean Traditional Culture Institute in Seoul.

For additional information please call 410-455-MUSC or visit Arts Calendar

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