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March 23, 2000


Baltimore, MD - The University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Division of Professional Education and Training has announced that local information security firm, WarRoom Research, Inc., will help develop a corporate curriculum designed to defend businesses from insider and outsider attacks.

This curriculum will focus on enhancing client firms' competitiveness by protecting their intellectual property, brand identity, market capitalization, customer relationships and shareholders' value. The need to know more about Internet security has recently been emphasized during the recent hacker attacks on e-commerce sites.

"This partnership with UMBC is a great match since it combines WarRoom Research's expertise in business intelligence with UMBC's strengths in information technology and corporate training," said Mark Gembicki, WarRoom Research chairman and CTO.

"We're excited to team with WarRoom Research to develop this curriculum targeted specifically at the commercial sector," said John Mitchell, director of Information Technology Training Programs for UMBC's professional education and training division. "Information security training is already a priority in the IT industry, and it's a focus for UMBC's professional training efforts."

According to Gembicki, government and law enforcement investigators will not have the human resources available to handle the increasing number of hacker attacks over the next decade. "I believe that in the future, private sector organizations will rely more on information security companies for protection," he said.

WarRoom Research is an Internet-driven business intelligence and security firm headquartered in Linthicum, Maryland. Gembicki has over 18 years of information security experience and has advised Fortune 1000 companies, the National Security Council and the U.S. Senate on information security issues. In January 1999, ComputerWorld magazine named Gembicki one of the top 20 information technology visionaries for the next decade along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Posted by dwinds1 at March 23, 2000 12:00 AM