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January 26, 2001


Phoenix Dance Company, the professional modern dance company in residence at UMBC, will present a concert at 8 p.m. February 14 through 17 in the UMBC Theatre. Tickets are $10 general, $7 students and seniors. For information and reservations, call (410) 455-6240.

The concert features two world premieres. During a duet by Carol Hess which examines differences in perspective, a man and a woman wear wireless surveillance cameras which project their movements on a screen behind them. New York choreographer Gabriel Masson's first work for Phoenix is Inevitable, "an emotional trajectory of acceptance" which he created for Sandra Lacy.

Hess will also present The Collected, a solo about interior emotional states based on the novel by John Fowles and performed by Eileen Mitchell. Doug Hamby contributes three works for the concert. He describes Echoes, with a sound score created in collaboration with UMBC visual arts faculty Timothy Nohe, as a "series of hieroglyphics." Construction #2, performed by Julie Peoples, is "a movement duel between a dancer and Cage's percussion score." Six Short Pieces reminds Hamby of "the sun passing through time" and is set to a wide range of music - from spiritual, honky tonk, jazz and opera - by composer William Grant Still.

The program also includes Dissolve, by New York choreographer/dancer Jeanine Durning, an examination of different states of being, performed by Sandra Lacy to music by Henryk Gorecki.

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