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April 9, 2001

UMBC Education Program Scores Well
on Assessment of Student Preparation

UMBC's teacher education program performed above the state pass rate in nearly all categories of a recent assessment, required by Title II of the Higher Education Act. UMBC's combined average for the tests - focused on basic skills, professional knowledge, and academic content areas - was 98 percent, three points above the state average of 95 percent.

At the undergraduate level, UMBC's teacher education program requires the completion of an academic major, general foundation courses and a professional sequence leading to certification in the State of Maryland. Certifications in addition to early childhood and elementary education include certification in art, computer science, science, English, mathematics, music, foreign language, theatre, and social studies.

The programs incorporate extensive field experiences and extend internships for students. Students participate in Professional Development Schools that link theory, research, and school practices. All UMBC teacher education programs have been reviewed and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education, and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Graduates of the program may be certified in over 30 states through reciprocity agreements.

The Higher Education Act, passed in 1965, authorizes all federally supported programs for higher education. Title II of the Act, passed in 1998, focuses on teacher quality. Institutions receiving Federal assistance under the Higher Education Act are required to report on the performance of their program on an annual basis.

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