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December 7, 2001

Partnerships: Making the Commons Cool

IRC students create video animations for the campus' newest hangoutWhen The Commons opens, the campus' newest hangout will have a student touch – animated logos which serve as transition points on the building's video messaging network, created by interns from UMBC's Imaging Research Center (IRC).Located at various points in the building, the network includes four flat plasma screens, a video wall and video projection screens offering a variety of campus news and information. In between messages, viewers will see the animated versions of The Commons logo. (The logo was designed by Jim Lord of UMBC's Creative Services Studio.) Think MTV and its well known logo that takes on a number of themes and personalities.Interns Daniel Marsh, Sean Miller, Monica Gallagher, Steve Fall, and Bette Lawhon worked on the project. Marsh says, “I was excited about working on The Commons project because of the variety of work we could have between each animation. After we all met, and took a tour of The Commons building to get a feel for the environment and purpose of the building, we individually developed our own ideas for some animations. After we pitched our ideas, several were chosen and we began fleshing them out. Brainstorming with everyone else at the IRC was a big part in the creative process.”He adds, “This project was a good way for me to develop my skills and attempt new things because it offered the opportunity for variety and gave us a lot of creative control in what we developed. I personally developed ideas that I thought would not only be visually interesting for the viewers, but also technically challenging. Working on the project helped me to develop problem solving skills that can only be learned through experience.”University Center Director Joe Regier was “blown away” by the students' proposals. “I was amazed by the quality and breadth of the work. They understood exactly what we were looking for. To have students rather than an outside firm helping to brand this facility is very exciting since they have a more intimate sense of how to connect to their peers. Their work will bring the place to life right off the bat.”

Posted by dwinds1 at December 7, 2001 12:00 AM