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April 1, 2002

Tech Tips for Irresponsible Computing

Want to have a little fun with your IT department? Call up the Help Desk and ask them for some assistance with the following:

I'd like to open email attachments from strangers and get a virus.
I want to post obscene messages on the Internet.
Commit fraud using someone else's online identity.
I want to run a business from my personal web page.
I want to share my address and phone number . . .
My password . . .
My private fantasies with faceless creeps on the 'Net.
I want to leave my email open so strangers can read my incoming messages and answer them.
Violate copyright laws by pirating music and posting it on the Web.
Harass people by sending threatening emails, or chain letters or pornographic URLs.
I want to hack into government computers and go to federal prison.

For a little more fun, see how the University of Virginia's Office of Information Technologies responded to these requests (requires Real Player).

Posted by dwinds1 at April 1, 2002 12:00 AM