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May 1, 2002

Patricia LaNoue Named Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Patricia LaNoue has been named the new director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. LaNoue served as the interim director for the past two years and has taught at UMBC for 14 years.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program gives students an opportunity to complete a BA or BS degree by designing a unique course of study according to their specific educational and career goals. The Program emphasizes collaboration between academic departments and encourages students to work closely with faculty and staff via independent study, internships, research, study abroad, and creative work.

"The search committee's support of Patricia LaNoue's appointment as director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program acknowledges her vision for the future of INDS, her past leadership and her strong commitment over the years to UMBC students and quality academic programming," says Provost Art Johnson.

"I am honored," says LaNoue. "Since 1966 UMBC has supported students who have the interest and sense of purpose to design their own majors with the guidance of faculty mentors. I enjoy meeting with alumni and hearing about how the learning process in the Program has enriched their careers."

LaNoue says that her future goals for the Program include seeking new ways to collaborate with other UMBC departments. "I hope to involve more of the UMBC faculty with INDS, especially those in technological fields, engineering and the natural and physical sciences," says LaNoue. "I look forward to finding new ways to continue to enhance the opportunities for a rich academic experience through Interdisciplinary Studies."

Posted by dwinds1 at May 1, 2002 12:00 AM