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August 20, 2002

Welcome New UMBC Faculty and Staff


If you do not see your name here, it was not listed on the current New Hire Roster, but should appear on the next report, depending on your date of hire. Check future issues of Insights.

Lauren Billmyre, Academic Advisor
Jason Corns, Facilities Coordinator
Spencer Davis, MT Maintenance Aide II
Michael Faith, Assistant Coach
John Himes, Assistant Coach
Colleen King, Assistant Trainer
Roxanne Reyes, Coordinator
Lisa Gambino, Community Outreach Coordinator

Biological Sciences
Kate Fukawa-Connelly, Academic Advisor
Elizabeth Shrader, Research Assistant
Rebecca McFarland, Graduate Assistant II
Stephanie White, Graduate Assistant II
Gang Wu, Graduate Assistant II
Pratima Sinha, Research Associate

Brian Thompson, Account Clerk III
Lisa Kakavas, Manager

Career Development & Placement
Stacey Brown, Coordinator

Center for Urban Environmental Research
Ian Yesilonis, Specialist
Emily Neral, Specialist
Ellen Henrikson, Research Assistant
Katherine Zollar, Lab Assistant
Bernadette Hanlon, Research Analyst

Center for Health Program Development Management (CHPDM)
Waltia Waddy, Coordinator
Genevieve Wessel, Research Assistant
Christopher Selmer, Research Assistant

Chemical and BioChemical Engineering
Pawel Jaruga, Senior Research Scientist

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Katherine Kellersberger, Research Associate
Maureen O'Connor, Coordinator
Jesse Karr, Graduate Assistant II
Sephorah Zaman, Graduate Assistant II
Jacobus Petzer, Research Associate

The Commons
Mark Kessi, Multi-media Assistant
Ernie Olah, Jr., Engineering Tech I

Communications Services
Bernard Maitland, Postal Service Processor
Jeanette Williams, IT PC Specialist I
Melvin Liggins, Postal Service Processor

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Mang-mang Ling, Specialist

EconomicsDarryl Getter, Instructor
Paul Lande, Instructor
Jason Palmateer, Instructor

Sue Small, Clinical Assistant Professor
Christine Intrieri, Coordinator
Michelle Kenney, Coordinator

Emergency Health Services
William Dewar, Coordinator

Piotr Gwiazda, Assistant Professor
Holly Sneeringer, Instructor

Financial Aid
Jennifer Groves, Office Assistant

Financial Services
Carol Pace, Accountant

Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center (GEST)
Tom Low, Associate Director
Samuelraj Jacob, Assistant Research Scientist
Mircea Grecu, Assistant Research Scientist
Robert Schiffer, Senior Research Scientist
Ellyna Hyman, Administrative Assistant II
Yihua Wu, Associate Research Scientist
Xiaoen Li, Research Associate

Geography and Environmental Systems
Yujie Wang, Research Associate

David Angerhofer, Graduate Assistant
Amanda Miracle, Graduate Assistant
Maureen O'Prey, Graduate Assistant
Donna Omata, Graduate Assistant
Evan Rea, Graduate Assistant
Kristen Taynor, Graduate Assistant
Robert Webber, Graduate Assistant

Human Resources
Christine Coudon, Assistant Director

Information Technology
Vergil Bushnell, Specialist

Institutional Advancement
Lucille Hughes, Director

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET)
William Keegan, Consultant
Raymond Rogers, Graduate Assistant I
Brittany Clark, Research Assistant
Catherine Manalansan, Administrative Assistant II

Ping Xu, Library Tech II
Michael Dick, Library Tech I
Leslie Wolchick, Library Assistant
Kathryn Sullivan, Librarian II
Jessame Ferguson, Librarian II

Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR)
Rhonda Rowlette, IT CTL Clerk
Letisha Butler, Administrative Assistant II
Lorece Edwards, Program Administrator
Toni Thomas, Program Administrator
Sharon Zalewski, Program Administrator
Lauren Dimitrov, Health Educator
Neema Mrisho, Community Outreach Coordinator
Jaime Libes, Health Educator

Mathematics and Statistics
Stephen Clark, Graduate Assistant I
Amanda Smith, Graduate Assistant I

Troy King, Instructor

Physical Plant
Kenneth Joy, HVAC Zone Supervisor

Yasushi Ikebe, Assistant Research Scientist
Masaharu Hirayama, Assistant research Scientist

President's Office
Stephanie Sprouse, Legal Assistant

Professional Education and Training (DPET)
Sarah Gardenghi, Assistant Director

Allison Holmes, Graduate Assistant II
Sharon Lambert, Assistant Professor
Leslie Mandell, Assistant Professor
Jill Tucillo, Assistant Professor

Registrar's OfficeCharles Smithson, II, Administrative Assistant I
Ramal Jenkins, Evaluator

Residential Life
Kimberly Bear, Community Director
Elias Nawd, Graduate Assistant I
Shawn Lupoli, Graduate Assistant I
Erica Lezan, Graduate Assistant I
L'Oreal Smith, Graduate Assistant I
Brian Wallace, Graduate Assistant I

Shriver Center
Shanez Garcia, Administrative Assistant I
Nelressa Stallings, Manager
Jennifer Horn, Manager
Daniel D'Orazio, Assistant Director
Eric Dolaway, Manager
Ronda Cox, Manager
Keri Peterson, Manager
Tabitha Blackwell, Manager
Jessica Teacoach, Manager
Charlene Carthon, Manager
Chereka Russell, Manager
Bonnie Shawyer, Administrative Assistant I
Kate Zombro, Manager
Asia Ali-Lunn, Manager
Jill Lipman, Manager
Kimberly South, Manager
Loryn Anderson, Manager
Kathryn Bacon, Graduate Assistant
Delana Boatright, Graduate Assistant
Michael Brice, Manager
Aaron Brownell, Graduate Assistant
Rebecca Cornfield, Graduate Assistant
Billy Hwang, Graduate Assistant
Michael Kabisch, Graduate Assistant
David Kanthor, Graduate Assistant
Brittany Turner, Manager
Nequietha Watson, Graduate Assistant
Jacqueline Kordiak, Manager
Kyle Davidson, Graduate Assistant

Weam Ali, Office Assistant

Student Affairs
Katherine Vito, Account Clerk III

Student Life
Randi (Dee) Campanella, Secretary

University Police
Derrick Johns, University Police Officer II
Dana Pinnock, University Police Officer II

Visual Arts
Richard Stanley, Visiting Assistant Professor

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