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November 20, 2002

UMBC Debuts Wireless Technologies Certificate

The UMBC Computer Certification Training Center (CCTC) is expanding further into the distance education arena with the launch of a new, non-credit, online training program: the Wireless Technologies Certificate.

The wireless program focuses on standards-based development and multi-platform capability. The guided, online curriculum is aimed at working professionals, and allows students to learn at their own pace. The first 12-week sequence began on November 11, 2002, with students expected to commit an average of 10 hours per week to online participation and study.

The wireless training is the most recent in a series of online courses, a slight departure from the UMBC Center's main focus on established, industry-standard certifications like Microsoft and Cisco. According to Doug Kendzierski, Associate Vice-Provost with UMBC's Division of Professional Education and Training, the move reflects UMBC's confidence in the prospect of wireless development at companies like Aether Systems, Verizon, Motorola and AT&T.

"We're putting a significant investment into this program," says Kendzierski. "CCTC will maintain a focus on mainstream credentials, and instructor-led programs, but we're also convinced that there are a number of very progressive IT professionals and organizations in our region who are justifiably obsessed with the 'latest and greatest' technologies, like wireless."

Industry experts seem to agree. David H. Tai, District Manager of Learning Strategies and Technologies for AT&T Business, says, "The speed to access information or knowledge is key to the success of any business today and in the future. With more devices available to deliver information in multiple ways, the content gap in the mobile industry can be easily filled if we can have more certified mobile content developers."

Dr. David Metcalf, Chief Technologist at RWD Technologies, will teach the course. Metcalf has taught for other prominent online universities, including Walden University, Nova Southeastern University, and Webster University. Metcalf has produced several award-winning Web-based training applications, including the Web Interactive Training Project (WIT) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Metcalf has also won eLearning Excellence Awards including a Gold Award in 2000 for the Wireless eLearning IP Troubleshooting Guide for Palm VII and the 2001 Worthy of Note Award for Grinnell Fire System's Voice-based eLearning Portal.

Additional sections are planned, including a January 2003 section start, and an Advanced Certification is being developed as a follow-up course. Details are available at, or by calling the UMBC Computer Certification Training Center at (410) 594-2282.

Posted by dwinds1 at November 20, 2002 12:00 AM