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February 12, 2003

On a Collision Course with the Future New!

A break from the monotony of the everyday routines of life is a necessity in today's world. Taking time to regroup and rediscover your passion for your calling is important. This need is something that dance professor Doug Hamby acknowledged recently with a much deserved sabbatical. After taking some time off to recharge, Hamby has returned to the studio with new pieces and renewed drive.

During his sabbatical, Hamby stayed in London and spent two months learning yoga, which he now teaches the RAC on Monday evenings. But his creative energy is focused in the dance studio, with the creation of his first new dance in two years, Interplay, which makes its debut at Phoenix Dance Company's concerts at UMBC.

"My idea for the dance is really to make up a lot of movement and mix and match it," Hamby says. "This dance is very energetic, it is constantly redefining movement." The music for the piece is composed by Philadelphia native Robert Moran and offers a challenge to the veteran dancer. "The music is very demanding," he says, adding, "There's a lot spewing forth."

This summer, Hamby plans to collaborate with a videographer on a new work. The videographer will film a dancer and that edited film will be projected on a big screen while another dancer is on stage. "It will show what is going on in the dancer's head, kind of like a superego," Hamby says.

He will also work with UMBC dance students preparing for the upcoming American College Dance Festival, held at North Carolina State. During the festival, student dances are professionally performed and the burgeoning choreographers receive feedback on their work.

Hamby is enthusiastic about his next project with visual arts faculty Tim Nohe and Deborah Gorski. "One of my favorite things is collaboration," Hamby says. "You've got it all set in your mind and it's a challenge to relinquish your control and merge with other people." The collision of ideas as seen in the final product is something that Hamby enjoys. "That's part of the fun because it's only partly what you envision," he says. "It's the diversion that is where the interest is."

Phoenix Dance Company performs in the UMBC Theatre February 12 through 15. Click here for more information.

- Jennifer Leigh Gibson

Posted by dwinds1 at February 12, 2003 12:00 AM