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April 13, 2004

Faye Gibbs Named Director of Public Relations at UMBC

Faye Gibbs has been named director of public relations at UMBC. With 20 years of experience developing strategic communications programs, Gibbs has served an extensive roster of public, private and non-profit sector clients including the National Science Foundation, National Cancer Institute, Lucent Technologies and Dow Chemical.

Prior to relocating to Maryland, Gibbs was vice president of Ashley Gibbs Associates, a public relations and marketing firm headquartered in New York City. In addition to developing a nationwide public relations program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Science Foundation (a $5 billion federal agency), her firm played an integral role in the creation and delivery of a comprehensive branding and media outreach program that announced the merger of two international telecommunications giants.

"I began my career at Harvard University and have always had a profound respect for the extraordinary impact institutions of higher learning have on everyone who is associated with them--students, faculty and staff, alike," says Gibbs. "I am truly delighted to join the staff at UMBC, a university that is a leader in so many areas, with so many great stories to tell."

Prior to running her own agency, Gibbs served as Director of Corporate Public Relations and Marketing for MJ Health System, a 15-agency regional healthcare system in New York; was Vice President/Senior Account Supervisor for Tier Communications, also of NY; served as Executive Director for an international foundation that promoted cross-cultural education programs; and established the media/public outreach program for a major initiative sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

Gibbs succeeds former UMBC news and online information director Charlie Melichar, now director of media relations at Colgate University.

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