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June 17, 2004

In the News, 6/18/04

Diane Crump-Fogle, Career Development Center, in the Towson Times
Diane Crump-Fogle, interim director of the Career Development Center, was quoted in the Towson Times on June 16 in an article about the job market for this year's college graduates.

Thomas Blass, Psychology, on WYPR
Thomas Blass, professor of psychology, appeared on WYPR 88.1 FM's "Marc Steiner Show" on June 17. Blass discussed his new biography of controversial psychologist Stanley Milgram, The Man Who Shocked the World, and how Milgram's famous experiments on obedience to authority are still relevant today.

Dennis Coates, Economics, on Maryland Public Television
Dennis Coates, professor of economics and an expert on the economics of sports, appeared on MPT's "Business Connection" to discuss what economic impact a proposed Major League Baseball team in Washington, D.C., would have on the Baltimore Orioles and the greater Baltimore economy.

Kriste Lindenmeyer, History, on WYPR
Associate professor of history Kriste Lindenmeyer was a guest on WYPR 88.1 FM's "Marc Steiner Show" on June 7 as part of a panel discussing the "greatest generation."

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