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July 16, 2004

In the News, 7/16/04

Tom Schaller, Political Science, In the News
Assistant Professor of Political Science Tom Schaller appeared on Maryland Public Television's "Direct Connection" on July 12. Schaller appeared on a panel with Baltimore Sun columnist Gregory Kane to discuss this year's presidential election. Also on July 12, he discussed the upcoming presidential election on WYPR 88.1 FM's "Marc Steiner Show."

Schaller has also made several recent radio appearances to comment on the selection of John Edwards as vice president for the Democratic presidential ticket. These appearances have included: WEAA 88.9 FM's "Daybreak with Anthony McCarthy" on July 8; the nationally-syndicated "Tony Trupiano Show" on July 7; WBAL 1090 AM's "Chip Franklin Show" on July 9; and WBAL 1090 AM's "Bruce Elliott Show" on July 10.

On July 2, Schaller appeared on WYPR's "Marc Steiner Show" to comment on the possible political implications of the war with Iraq.

Constantine Vaporis, History, in Japanese Newspaper
Constantine Vaporis, associate professor of history, authored an article that appeared on June 15 in Nikkei Shinbun, a Japanese national daily newspaper similar to the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled "Lord's Procession, People's Show--Alternate Attendance as Theater." It briefly explains Vaporis' research on the annual processions of the feudal lords to Edo (modern-day Tokyo) during the Tokugawa period (1603-1868) from the perspective of political power and theater, as well as sites of competing production, with multiple levels of performance and audience.

Vaporis has spent the last year in Kyoto, Japan as a visiting professor of research at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies.

UMBC Athletics in the Baltimore Sun
UMBC Athletics made two appearances in the education supplement to the July 11 Baltimore Sun.

UMBC athletic facilities and quotes from Gary Wohlstetter, associate athletic director for recreation and physical education, were featured in an article discussing the expanded facilities and athletic activities offered to students at Baltimore area colleges and universities.

Geoff Rupert, assistant athletic director for recreation and intramurals, discussed his course on sports officiating in an article about unusual electives titled "Unexpected Courses Add Dimension to Learning."

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