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July 9, 2004

In the News, 7/9/04

techcenter@UMBC and bwtech@UMBC in the Business Monthly
An article on UMBC's role in technology development through the techcenter@UMBC business incubator and the bwtech@UMBC research park is featured in the July edition of the Business Monthly.

Don Norris, Public Policy and MIPAR, on WJZ News
Don Norris, professor of public policy and director of MIPAR, appeared on WJZ's evening news on July 1 to discuss the harmful effects of personal attacks on political debate.

Computer Mania Day, CWIT in the Business Monthly
Computer Mania Day and its founder, Howard County business leader Shirley Collier, were featured in a story in the July edition of the Business Monthly. UMBC's Center for Women and Information Technology has administered Computer Mania Day, a program designed to encourage girls to study information technology, since 2002; Collier is also on CWIT's External Advisory Board.

UMBC in The Gazette
A proposed new partnership between UMBC and Wheaton High School in Montgomery County was featured in the July 7 edition of The Gazette. The new partnership would create a pre-college academy for the students of Wheaton High, offering additional assistance to first-generation college students and underrepresented minorities, as well as offering courses to complement a new high-tech curriculum to be offered at Wheaton beginning this fall.

Lorie Logan-Bennett, Career Development Center, in the Business Monthly
Lorie Logan-Bennett, interim associate director of the Career Development Center, wrote an article about job prospects for 2004 college graduates for the July edition of the Business Monthly.

Thomas Blass, Psychology, in the San Francisco Chronicle
On July 4, San Francisco Chronicle reviewed The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram (Basic Books, 2004) written by Professor of Psychology Thomas Blass.

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