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August 3, 2007

Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery Presents Inge Morath: The Road to Reno

September 10 - December 10, 2007

Contact: Thomas Moore
Director of Arts & Culture

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©1960 The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum PhotosOpening on September 10th and continuing through December 10th, UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery presents Inge Morath: The Road to Reno, featuring approximately 70 photographs by the Austrian-born Inge Morath. An early member of the Magnum agency, Morath traveled extensively in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Her special interest in the arts found expression through photographic essays published by a number of leading magazines. After her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller in 1962, Morath settled in New York and Connecticut. She made her first trip to the USSR in 1965, and in 1978, after studying Mandarin for five years, made the first of many trips to the People’s Republic of China together with Miller.

The Road to Reno documents an eighteen day trip across the United States, from New York City to Reno, Nevada, made by Morath and photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson en route to the set of the film The Misfits in 1960. Developed by Arthur Miller into a screenplay from a short story that he had written, The Misfits was an “offering” to actress Marilyn Monroe. In 1958, Miller presented the script to John Huston, who had earlier worked with Monroe in The Asphalt Jungle, and he agreed to direct the film. Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, and Eli Wallach signed on as the film’s co-stars, and producer Frank Taylor signed an exclusive contract with Magnum Photos to document the making of the film.

©1960 The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum PhotosCartier-Bresson and Morath were the first of nine photographers selected to work on the set of the film. It was Morath’s first trip across the US, and they followed a southern route drawn on a map in red grease-pencil by Cartier-Bresson, through Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, and California before heading north to Nevada.

The exhibition is accompanied by excerpts from Morath’s journal and caption books, as well as an essay by Arthur Miller. Morath’s photographs and texts, Miller writes, “are so wonderfully observed and at the same time charmingly naive, as she was still fresh in her American experience.”

Gallery Information
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The presentation of this exhibition is supported in part by a program grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of Maryland and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Baltimore County Commission on Arts & Sciences.

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All images in this press release ©1960 The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum Photos
Image 1: On the set of The Misfits. The first day of shooting of The Misfits. Clapperboard is marked scene 1 take 2, director John Huston and author Arthur Miller watching in the background.
Image 2: On the set of The Misfits. Marilyn Monroe, Eli Wallach, and Clark Gable, rehearsing the dance scene between Roslyn and Guido.
Image 3: On the set of The Misfits. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in their suite in Reno’s Mapes Hotel after a day’s shooting.

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©1960 The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum Photos

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