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April 29, 2008

UMBC Presents the Paul Taylor Dance Company

May 9 and 10, 2008
8 p.m.
UMBC Theatre

Contact: Thomas Moore
Director of Arts & Culture

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Paul Taylor Dance Company - Esplanade by Lois GreenbergUMBC presents the Paul Taylor Dance Company in concert on May 9th and 10th at 8 pm in the UMBC Theatre. Over two evenings, the Company will perform six works spanning the years 1962 to 2006, including Aureole, Esplanade, Cloven Kingdom, Promethean Fire, Arden Court, Troilus and Cressida (reduced) and Banquet of Vultures.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company, established in 1954, has long been one of the world's most sought-after dance troupes. It has represented the United States at arts festivals in more than 40 countries and has toured extensively under the aegis of the U.S. Department of State. The Company's 1999 engagement in Chile was named the Best International Dance Event of the year by the country's Art Critic's Circle. In the summer of 2001 the Company toured in the People's Republic of China and performed in six cities, four of which had never seen American modern dance before. In the spring of 2003 the Company mounted an award-winning four-week, seven-city tour of the United Kingdom.

Paul Taylor Dance Company - Banquet of Vultures by Tom CaravagliaWhile continuing to garner international acclaim, the Paul Taylor Dance Company performs more than half of each touring season in cities throughout the United States. New York, San Francisco and Durham host annual engagements. From March 2004 through November 2005 the Paul Taylor Dance Company and/or Taylor 2 performed in all 50 States to celebrate the Taylor Company's 50th Anniversary. The unprecedented tour underscored the Taylor Company's historic role as one of the early touring companies of American modern dance. The 50th Anniversary celebration also featured a Golden Quartet of commissioned dances.

Beginning with its first television appearance for the "Dance in America" series in 1978, the Company has appeared on PBS in nine different programs, including the 1991 Emmy Award-winning Speaking in Tongues and The Wrecker's Ball -- including Company B, Funny Papers, and A Field of Grass -- which was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1997. In 1999 the PBS American Masters series aired Dancemaker. Dancemaker, The Wrecker's Ball and Speaking in Tongues are available on VHS; Dancemaker is also available on DVD.

Paul Taylor by Maxine HicksAbout Paul Taylor
Few artists of our time have had the profound impact on their art form that Paul Taylor has had on dance. People in cities and towns throughout the world have seen and enjoyed live modern dance performances due largely to the far-reaching tours he pioneered as a virtuoso dancer in the 1950s, and that his two companies have continued to this day. Fifty years after he made his first avant garde works, he is revered as the world's greatest choreographer, with a collection of 124 dances performed by his own celebrated Company and Taylor 2 as well as renowned dance companies in the United States and abroad. He has set movement to music so memorably that for millions it is impossible to hear certain orchestral works and popular songs and not think of his dances. He has influenced dozens of men and women who have gone on to create their own dances and/or establish their own troupes. As the subject of the widely seen documentary, Dancemaker, and author of a critically acclaimed autobiography, he has demystified his creative process as few artists ever have.

The program for Friday, May 9:

  • Aureole, first performed in 1962
  • Troilus and Cressida (reduced), first performed in 2006
  • Cloven Kingdom, first performed in 1976
  • Promethean Fire, first performed in 2002

The program for Saturday, May 10:

  • Arden Court, first performed in 1981
  • Banquet of Vultures, first performed in 2006
  • Esplanade, first performed in 1975

General admission: $35.00.
Tickets are available through MissionTix at or by calling MissionTix at 410-752-8950.

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Photo #1 in this release by Lois Greenfield from Esplanade
Photo #2 in this release by Tom Caravaglia from Banquet of Vultures
Photo #3 in this release of Paul Taylor by Maxine Hicks
Photo #4 in this release by Tom Caravaglia from Arden Court

Paul Taylor Dance Company - Arden Court by Tom Caravaglia

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