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May 5, 2008

Message from President Hrabowski

From: President Freeman Hrabowski

The campus continues to mourn the loss of Meyerhoff Scholar Jamie Heard. We wanted to share with the UMBC community the following statement written by Jamie, "Life is Beautiful," reflecting his philosophy of life.

"I value life because I realize that too many people waste it. I smile because I realize that too many people cry. I laugh because I know too many people take things too seriously. I lead because too many people have been led astray. I teach because so many people are ignorant. I speak because people need to listen. I listen because so many people have been ignored. I have fun because too many people are always busy. I live for a purpose, because too many people have died for no purpose. I love because too many people show hate. I keep trying because too many people give up. I appreciate what I have because so many people take it for granted. Life is beautiful."

Jamie Heard

Posted by elewis at May 5, 2008 9:38 AM