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October 1, 2008

Neal McDonald, Animation & Interactive Media, in "b"


Neal McDonald, assistant professor of animation and interactive media, was featured in "Weird 101: Baltimore’s unusual college courses," an article in "b," a free daily newspaper and site produced by the Baltimore Sun.

McDonald's "History and Theory of Games" class, part of the Games, Animation and Interactive Media program, was one of several local college courses described by b writer Matt Vensel as "actually interesting" and as "offbeat classes (that) might just make me sign up for spring classes and go after another degree."

The excerpt describing McDonald's class is below:

History and Theory of Games @ University of Maryland, Baltimore County:

Students attempting to break into the gaming industry take a lot of atypical ­— and very technical — classes, but this is a class everyone can wrap their head around. “Games are as old as people. They are what humans do, when they can,” said professor Neal McDonald. “It’s a serious, interesting, rapidly maturing field of scholarship.” This guy has the best job ever. McDonald plays a myriad of games, some dating back to the Stone Age, to show his budding game designers the origins of today’s games and the infinite possibilities for tomorrow’s.

Posted by crose at October 1, 2008 10:01 AM