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October 13, 2008 Site Explores Crazy U.S. Electoral System

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Phone: 410-455-1896

– Confused about how an American democracy works? You are not alone.

A new Web site – -- designed by Economist magazine cartoonist Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher, artist-in-residence at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, aims to demystify and explore America’s crazy 50-state democracy in a fun and engaging way.

Designed and hand-drawn by Kal for UMBC's Imaging Research Center, was built and researched by an interdisciplinary team of UMBC students, including visual arts, web design and social sciences majors.

The site features in-depth portraits of all 50 states through exclusive Kal animations, offbeat trivia and factoids and local color from experts in each state. An animated “Uncle Sam” explains idiosyncrasies of America’s democratic system, such as the Electoral College. On the blog, Kal, along with students and faculty from UMBC, will follow America’s electoral process through the presidential race and into the next administration.

The interactive site is compiling first-hand portraits of each state from local experts in history, politics, journalism and humor through its “Crazy Talk” state survey. Click here to take the survey.

Click here to visit and to view Kal's Mission Statement video.

Posted by kavan at October 13, 2008 1:12 PM