UMBC Wellness in the Workplace

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Marjie Gill

Last year I was diagnosed with asthma and found my weight kept me from doing the things I enjoyed. My doctor challenged me to lose 30 lbs and instead I lost 45. I began walking the loop & then jogging. I now go for a "wog" walk/jog every day.
With a heavy schedule, I block out 1 hour a day for myself to exercise. The wog allows me to have some alone time and clear my head. I challenge my mind and body. No longer am I looking for a 2PM snack. Wogging the loop allows me to appreciate all the hard work and dedication our department provides to the campus.
Many of FM staff walk at lunch or use the gym. We encourage & challenge each other to get & stay fit. Best of all, I no longer need my inhaler or medication! I feel young & energized.

Marjie Gill
Work Control & IT Systems Manager
Facilities Management