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June 2010: "Partnership includes upset"

This practice is an expansion of the July 2009 practice: “Choose partnership first, then you and me.” A partnership-centered relationship (see below link to model) is one that is aware of the power that words, actions, and behaviors have on creating the space that exists between two people. This practice might be easy to implement when times are good, but what about during challenging times? Typically in conflict, sides become polarized, the fight/flight mechanism is stimulated, and the goal can easily shift from wanting to create a win-win solution to wanting to prove our point and dub the other party as the loser. And yet, even in the midst of upset, we are still undeniably in a partnership. Sometimes, in simply remembering this and redefining partnership to include upset, we can begin to move back to what joins us together at the deepest level.

This month, when conflicts arise within the various partnerships in your life, stop, and remind yourself that partnership includes upset. What does this do to strengthen your resolve to push through this difficult time? How does focusing on this larger frame around you and your partner shift how the partnership shows up?

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