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July 2010: “Destruction of the old creates space for new possibilities.”

This practice is a universal principle that is observable in nature and also in our relationships during times of conflict. One of the gifts of conflict is that it opens up space for new possibilities to be born, but this only happens through destruction. The destructive phase is very painful AND productive because it forces us to communicate about old, negative patterns that have existed and together determine new, life-giving patterns that will support us as partners and individuals. If we can become aware of the positive side of destruction, we might become more courageous in venturing into this territory in relationships where conflict exists.

Before applying this concept to a current unresolved conflict, spend some time this month observing this principle in nature, in past resolved conflicts with others, and in the creation of new initiatives or theories. Is it true? What do you notice? What is the gift that you receive through observing that might be applied in how you think about or approach current or future conflicts with your partner?