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February 2012: Top Transformational Relationship Practice #2: “Choose partnership first, then you and me”

A partnership-centered relationship is one that is aware of the power that words, actions, and behaviors have on creating the space that exists between two people. Partners who are aware of this power use their words carefully and act in ways that consciously create connection. Partners who are aware of this power also are mindful to act in ways that serve their larger community – whether that be a family, department, social network, etc. – knowing the inherent connection that exists between them and these groups. When we see ourselves as inherently connected to others, a larger sense of self emerges – one that is service oriented and ethically motivated. Shifting to a partnership-centered way of looking at the world doesn’t mean that you can’t voice complaints or concerns. It does mean that you should be mindful about how you do so and craft your words and actions carefully in a way that tends to the whole – the partnership, your partner’s needs, and your needs.

What would happen if we start viewing the various relationships in our lives from this perspective? Review the attached model which explains this model and asks you to begin applying this new way of thinking to your own relationships. This month, look for opportunities to shift from a ‘what I want’ point of view to a ‘what would serve this partnership’ point of view. How does shifting to this win-win focus change the dynamic of your relationship?

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