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January 2014: “Celebrate Your Successes and Plan Your Territories of Learning for the New Year”

As we begin a New Year, let’s do something different. Let’s turn our attention inward and reflect on the personal successes and challenges we’ve had in our relationships over the past year. Whether we have been intentional or not, we have likely all experienced some triumphs and surfaced some challenges in our relationships. What have we learned from these experiences? What do we want to do more of and what new ‘territories of learning’ do we want to focus on in the New Year? The New Year provides us with a fresh start and a chance to intentionally create resolutions about how we personally want to ‘show up’ in our relationships. This month’s practice suggests that by simply making some tweaks in our own behavior, we can transform our relationships without needing to have a conversation with our partner. Before we create these resolutions, let’s pause and look inward.

Using the attached worksheet, reflect on your relationship successes and challenges in 2013 and then create your plan for 2014. Practice your ‘new moves’ and notice how it affects your relationships.

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