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Corporate Relations at UMBC


Corporate donations are critical to UMBC's success. State support and student tuition payments combined cover only about 50% of the University's annual operating budget. The generous support of alumni, private donors, foundations, and corporate partners is critical to UMBC's ability to continue serving the needs of Maryland students and businesses.

Companies may give gifts to UMBC to support:
University programs,
Academic departments,
Research centers,
Faculty member(s),
Specific research project(s),
Undergraduate scholarships, and
Graduate fellowships.

Gifts are often in the form of cash but may also include noncash donations of equipment or in-kind support. Multi-year gifts can be used to establish a "named" graduate fellowship or undergraduate scholarship in an area of interest to the company.

Please contact Caroline Baker, Assistant Vice President for Careers & Corporate Partnerships, at 410-455-8171 or to inquire about making a gift to support UMBC.