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Africana Studies


The African American studies program provides students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds with a detailed understanding of the foundations of African American culture, from ancient Egypt to the present. This comprehensive, liberal arts program is international in scope. The variety of courses and options in African American studies often provides students the opportunity to explore perspectives they have not yet experienced.

All courses, as well as options for the major, are open to all students. Many students find it productive to combine African American studies with another discipline in a dual major. Students may also minor in African American studies.

Students may choose to pursue the standard major in African American studies, the major with a concentration in community involvement studies, or the double major option. Students declaring African American studies as a major early in their college career have the best opportunity to exercise the double major option. Regardless of the option selected, students have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge through internships or field research.

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Phone: 410-455-2158
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Department Head: Dr. Thomas Robinson
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