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Aging Studies


The Erickson School offers a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate major that prepares individuals for entry-level careers in non-profit, public and private sector organizations that address the ongoing revolution in the age structure of society. The major blends knowledge about gerontology, public policy and management with skills that include communication, accounting/budgeting, computer literacy, critical thinking, human resources, leadership and management of organizations. This combined knowledge base positions graduates to work in a wide array of professional careers and as well as a strong foundation for additional education or training in a range of fields, including policy, management, law, human services and entrepreneurship.

Students can customize the major in several ways. First, three of the core courses offer options and students can select from elective courses so they can build specialized expertise in an area of special interest. Independent study courses, designed in coordination with a faculty member, and an array of special topics courses intended to address emerging issues in the areas of policy, practice and research provide both up-to-date knowledge and opportunities for specialization. Students can also apply for consideration to work with faculty as undergraduate research assistants. In addition, the practice experience provided in an advanced internship, described in detail below, extends both career-related experience and specialized knowledge. Through these means, students may focus their careers toward the public/governmental/policy sector, toward the non-profit/advocacy sector or toward the private/business sector. Other students may wish to combine a substantial minor in Management of Aging Services with a number of other liberal arts or pre-professional degree programs at UMBC as part of a career plan.

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