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THE UMBC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION MISSION is to research teaching and learning, and to develop caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and skilled teachers who are responsive to children, families and the community. We expect our graduates to be leaders in their schools as well as advocates for democracy and social justice.

Undergraduate certification programs are available in early childhood education (pre-K to
grade 3), elementary education (grades 1 to 8) and secondary education (grades 7-12). Secondary certification programs include English, social studies, mathematics, science, art, music, dance, theatre and foreign language. All teacher education programs
require the completion of an academic major. During their first advisement session, all
teacher candidates will be informed of the choices of major that are appropriate for
their area of certification.

Early childhood teacher candidates may select any major that meets their intellectual
interest. Elementary teacher candidates' choices of major include English, American studies, Africana studies, political science, geography, history, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, a foreign language or interdisciplinary studies. Secondary-teacher candidates must major in the content area they intend to teach.

Main Office: ACIV-A 426
Phone: 410-455-2465
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Department Head: Dr. Lois T. Stover
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