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American Studies


The American Studies Program encourages and enables students to develop their understanding of the social structures and cultural values of the American experience in historical and contemporary perspective. Students are encouraged to examine their own backgrounds, assumptions and values as participants in American culture. The program uses materials and methodologies from various disciplines. It also emphasizes learning through seminar experiences and independent projects.

Individual American studies courses focus on specialized topics presented as problems, issues or themes. The program does not "cover" American culture; such a task is virtually impossible. Rather, faculty lead students in seeking insight and perspective into patterns and relationships that is basic to understanding American life. Each course probes deeply into specialized issues while encouraging students to integrate insights and perceive connections.

The areas of emphasis enhance this process of cultural examination by asking students to propose a set of courses that examine specific areas of study, providing a unified perspective on one aspect of their native culture.

Main Office: Fine Arts Building, Room 453
Phone: 410-455-2106
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Department Head: Dr. Theodore S. Gonzalves, Chair
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